Dear Low-Paying & Over-stressing Employer….I’m Out

Today, I write my resignation letter for the future for the receiving job that I’ve been doing for over a year.

The date can change, but the intent won’t. I’m out.

Here’s what I plan to do in the meantime:

Apply to higher paying jobs during the next 30 days. For this, my minimum is $12 per hour. This may seem like chump change to some, but it’s revolutionary to me because I never had a minimum when applying to a job. I just took what I got.

I will be following Bamidele Onibalusi’s “1K in a Month” Freelance Writing Challenge. I cannot do EXACTLY as planned, because I don’t have the time he did (I’m still working and doing other stuff), but I will follow the marketing plan as he laid out.

I will be creating 3 digital products: An eBook, an app, and a course within the next 90 days. I don’t know how this will go but it doesn’t hurt to try. (Well, it hurts my ego, but…) My goal in this to create samples for my portfolio and to build prototypes for future higher-paying projects.

The ebook will be a porn recovery addiction book offered on Gumroad

The app will be designed for skinny “hardgainers”

I have not decided what the course will be on

My story: I’m an almost-graduated college dropout who stumbled into freelancing after getting into Mturk surveys ans Upwork. After a few months, I got into freelance writing & book marketing. That lasted for 7 years, until I got tired of chasing lower-paying clients on Upwork and other content mills. I took the first “job” I could get and ending up in the receiving department. After receiving the third check that was under $150 for the week for helping to unload 2,000+ boxes , I was like “It’s time to move on.”

I’ll be using Medium as my progress and learning log (with the occasional possible rant) for a little bit.

Written by

Techie. Writer. Entrepreneur. Investor. Badass College Dropout. Believer. #prayerwarrior #restoretheroar #blacklivesalwaysmattered #getafterit

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