Guru Hustle: Why Aren’t More “Regular People” Selling YouTube Courses with Lambos in Them?

When those Internet “gurus” share that Lambo or laptop from the beach while inviting you to join them if “take this one course” or “attend this one webinar”, we all know they are selling a dream.

A dream that most of us know we won’t achieve.

Yet, they still do it….and are making lots of money doing it.

So, what is it about these Internet “gurus” that allows them to sell a dream, even if we don’t really believe them?

Because an Internet “guru”, is no different than me or you, except in one major area: Marketing

They know how to sell a dream.

From their videos to their emails to their landing pages, successful Internet “gurus” tell a dream….which is some version of :

A: “I was broke.”

B: “I did X.”

C: “Because of X, I’m successful and you can too…if you buy X or buy my course teaching how I used X.”

The way these gurus tell you their stories is different, but the formula is the same.

My question to you is : WHY AREN’T YOU DOING THIS?

All of us have success or a unique process, product, etc. that we create at work, with our side hustles, at home…..but we don’t tell other people…and we don’t make money or build our platform with it.


If you know something that could help someone else or could show how a person like you achieved a result that someone else wants, why aren’t you sharing it?

Why are you connecting with people who need a solution, who will pay you to solve their problem (employee/contractor) or to teach them how to solve a problem (coach/course/book)?

Because we think “Internet gurus” are special people…and that we’re just “average people”.

We don’t see the

Meanwhile, those “gurus” keep on making money…..

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