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Introducing a new series: A Manly Journey Through the Bible

One of the problems is being a Biblical hero is what I call the “stained glass” problem: We freeze these heroes in one story and forget that they were living, breathing, and fallible beings.

As such, we forget that David wasn’t just the giant-slaying soldier who was “after God’s own heart”. He was a soldier who committed adultery with the wife of one of his closest soldiers.

Yet, he was also the guy who refused to kill King Saul, even though King Saul tried in every way to kill him out of jealousy.

We forget that Solomon wasn’t the richest ruler who was given wisdom and built the first temple. He was a king who got tired of his faith and struggled with lust.

That’s what I wanted to explore in a new series (which I’ll probably forge, but at least the thought is cool) “Manly Journey Through The Bible”. I want to explore the nuances in these characters that we often don’t pay attention to, to hopefully make these characters more real.

The first story will be David vs Solomon (Heart vs Obligation)

The second is Noah vs Lot (Committment vs Hesitation)

The third will be Absalom vs Joseph

The fourth will be Peter.

The last will be Paul.

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