My New Project: Build a Side Hustle in 30 Days or Less (Nobody Tells You How to Side Hustle)

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For all of the talk about side hustles, there’s not a lot talk about how to….you know, actually side hustle.

Sure, there are plenty of articles that throw all kinds of ideas at you (“Walk a dog”, “Start buidling minature ice sculpture on Fiverr”), but there’s isn’t a lot of talk about how you get started.

What do you do on Day 1 if you are trying to build from scratch?

No, I’m not talking about those YouTube videos that have the title of “How I Made $5,000 of YouTube and This is What I Did”…and then you watch you and you’re like “What did you actually do on Day 1, Day 2, etc?”

That’s why I’m glad I found this book by Chris Guillebeau because it walks through a 27-day plan to help you literally walk from “Hey, I might try this to make money” to actually doing it.

Now, I am no stranger to side hustles, freelancing, gig work, etc. but am a stranger to actually building a business from scratch. I feel this is my next step.

So, like any good Millennial, I’m going to track my journey from $0 to (hopefully) more money building a side hustle in 30 days

My three chosen side hustles:

Creating resume templates on Etsy

Creating a Udemy course on getting a work-from-job in 30 days or less

Writing articles and blog posts on work from home/customer service issues?

Stay tuned…

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