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Side Hustle School: I Screwed Up, But Landed Exactly Where I Needed To Be

Alright, so if you have seen my last few posts on here (Chances are, you haven’t…but don’t tell my ego that) might have seen that my plan to create a side hustle from scratch in 30 days derailed.)

Well, not really derailed…more like I tried stuff and instead of following with the book “Side Hustle: From Idea to Income in 27 Days” day by day…I got off track and did my own thing.

Here’s what happened:

My original intent was to create 3 side hustle:

  1. Resume template business


  1. After taking a course in resume templates, I realized that no one wouldn’t pay for my templates…not even me. So I dropped that idea. I thought about offering a resume writing service (because I am a writer), but realized there is so much I need to learn to make the best resume…I dropped that too. I decided to focus on creating a job board.

All of ths realization came as I was testing and tinkering with the idea of “What do I want to do with my life?”

For the first time in my life, my goal isn’t just to get a better-paying job. I realize that I want freedom and the ability to create my own thing. So after visualization, all kinds of Google searches, mini internal breakdowns, jokes, distractions, etc. I decided that my next level up from my current life as a customer service rep (billing/tech) with side hustles is a flexible full-time job at higher pay, a freelance career as a sales operations specialist with digital products (2 Udemy courses and a job board)…with a future virtual call center as well.

I know the above sounds like a lot. It will require a lot, as I will need to get into new experiences (like internships) and get new certifications (Sales Operations Management)…but staying at the same level is not what got me to this point…and it won’t get me to my next point either

PS I’ll probably end up changing this plan as always….

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Techie. Writer. Entrepreneur. Investor. Badass College Dropout. Believer. #prayerwarrior #restoretheroar #blacklivesalwaysmattered #getafterit

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