The Death of My Virtual Call Center Business Idea

At the beginning of 2020, I had a business idea: Own a virtual call center.

I’ve done call center work for over three years, customer service for over 6 years, and got certified in insurance and tech support…so naturally I would want to own a call center.

But, that dream died yesterday….right before the new year.

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Now to own a virtual call center, you don’t just start hiring agents. You need an infrastructure.

So for that, I turned to Arise.

All I would have to do is get my LLC, follow through the Arise program, and start recruiting.

It would only cost $300-$400…still a stretch for me..but doable..and much less expensive than a franchise.

But, as I began to research the opportunity, I decided that I would join as a CSP (customer service professional), to see how the process was for an agent.

I didn’t like it.

I was rejected quickly..and I don’t even know why yet.

Not only that, but I was emailed like three times about my rejection.

While that stung, I was open to working with a totally different client, I got rejected before I even finished my profile.

Then I received two emails that said “it was a mistake” and told to reapply.

I hadn’t even had finished the profile.

This was on top of the fact that I watched a video on the pros and cons of working as a business owner under Arise.

You don’t get freedom to run the business as you want.

You don’t get to work when you want. (You have to schedule in bathroom breaks,but you lose the whole 30 minutes)

You are monitored.

For those reasons, I decided to drop the idea.

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The thing is, all of my efforts were focused on building a call center with Arise. I was supposed to leave my job and walk off into a 5-hour work week where I would check in on my employees as the cash was rolling into my bank account.

Now, that dream of a 5-hour work week turned into a frantic attempt to run a business at the pay someone else set, following the rules someone else set, and being monitored by guidelines someone else set, with the power to kick me out if I didn’t play along.

That “business opportunity” felt too much like a “job.” (as Delilah Bell pointed out brillantly in a YouTube video.)

Back to the drawing board, I guess…

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Techie. Writer. Entrepreneur. Investor. Badass College Dropout. Believer. #prayerwarrior #restoretheroar #blacklivesalwaysmattered #getafterit

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