Why Your Hustle Needs to Be Simple

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There are A LOT of ways to make money:

Creating an online business


Affiliate marketing



Peer-to-peer lending

Flipping on eBay

Creating an app

Writing an eBook

…and I could go on and on

But, here’s the thing….If you chase all of these methods, you will end up broke and distracted.

I know because I tried…and failed at a lot of them…or rather I would plan a “get rich scheme”, get all hyped up…for a day…and then either chase another idea the next day or scrap everything and try a new idea the next…or make elaborate plans that led to procrastination.

That has left me tired, bitter, and a little critical of all of those “just buy my course and you’ll be hit 1K in 1 month” gurus.

I’m not mad at them. They gotta sell that vision.

But I have learned that building wealth should be simple and consistent. If you’re always chasing the next thing that will get you rich, you’ll end up spending time and resources chasing dreams instead of learning how to build wealth with the money you already have.

So my lesson (oddly) for building wealth in 2021 is to make your hustle simple.

Yes, you should have multiple streams of income… but if you chasing new streams of income, you will end up drying up the ones you already have.

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